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Foil Stamping, Embossing & Diecutting

Foil Stamping, Embossing and Die CuttingThe main purpose of many printed pieces is to convey a message. But if those pieces don't capture the attention of your audience, they won’t serve much of a purpose. One way to make sure your products garner plenty of attention is to incorporate foil stamping into your design.

In the foil stamping process, colored or patterned foil is pressed between a heated die and the paper to be stamped. The heat and pressure transfer the foil to the sheet. The result is a dramatic and elegant appearance that’s popular for both hard and soft book covers, letterhead, packaging, cards, pocket folders, brochures and other applications.


Foil & Embossing ServicesEMBOSSING
As new products hit the marketplace and retail shelf space becomes increasingly valuable, marketers are looking for designs that grab the attention of prospective customers quickly and effectively. Embossing and debossing is a great way to set book covers, software and other product packaging apart from the crowd. Of course, embossing and debossing is also ideal for adding elegance to annual reports, yearbooks, pocket folders and more.


Like foil stamping and embossing, die cutting is a great way to add pizzazz to your products. Die cutting can be used to create intricate designs in the cover of a book, or to create pockets on portfolios and book covers. With multiple die cutting presses, The Riverside Group has the versatility to incorporate die cutting on almost any type of project.

Diecut Packaging Production


When you need to package your product, think of the Riverside Group. Our die cutting experts are with you every step of the way in taking a flat sheet and making it a tangible, three-dimensional display.


dc-pocketfolderPocket Folders
Pocket folders are flexible enough to hold more than just paper. CD and DVD-ROM discs, booklets and even specialty items such as pens can be placed in properly-designed pocket folders. Other options include multiple panels, die cut windows and pockets and more.


Diecut mediaSpecialty Media Packaging
Die cut media holders provide an eye-catching and sturdy option for all your media presentation and delivery needs. Our library of standard and custom dies can help you create the perfect media holder, whether you want to package CD's, DVDs, VHS tapes or more.


Nothing says it better than a custom designed card. Our die cutting capabilties give you the freedom to create virtually anything imaginable, in both two and three dimensions.


When you need to make a lasting impression with a direct mail campaign, creative die cutting gives you a wide range of design options. Combined with folding, gluing and other finishing processes, the possibilities are almost limitless.